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Are You Running Into These Type Of Problems With Your Business?

Can't Get Traffic?

I am a new or local business owner and I cannot get search engine traffic to my website. When I type in relevant keywords for my business, my website shows on page 9 of Google!

Need More Sales?

I am getting regular traffic to my website but cannot convert that traffic into leads or sales. I spend so much energy getting the traffic, that now I need to convert it into paying customers.

Maximising Profits

I am currently making sales or acquiring clients on my website but I just do not have enough time in the day to optimise my online traffic or processes, therefore knowingly leaving money on the table.

We Can Help You Overcome These Common Business Problems

Our Process For Your Success

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Full Implementation

Measure & Grow

Getting The Most ROI From Your Content

Fix Now Media specialise in online sales and profit growth through increased traffic, conversion rate optimisation and sales funnel automation.

Our main area of expertise is creating highly converting content for clients in multiple industries and ranking those content pieces on the first page of Google Search Engines.

We do this through in-depth keyword and competitor analysis to ensure every penny you invest into your content marketing budget brings you the highest ROI.

However, before you throw your whole marketing budget at us to solve your traffic & conversions problem, you must ensure that your website is SEO ready.


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Our Most Popular Packages

If your website passes our SEO Audit, then we recommend you start immediately with our "Fix Content Now" package to start driving new traffic to your website.

If you fail our SEO Audit, we recommend purchasing our "Fix SEO Now" package to make your website 100% SEO ready to help rank your current service or product pages as well as set up your site to rank for any new content as part of our "Fix Content Now" package.

If you would just like to build a new website, we can create a new SEO ready site for your service or company with fast turnaround times and at very affordable prices. Please see our "Fix Design Now" package.


Business Growth & IT Consultancy Experience


We have many years of business and IT consultancy experience in major multi-national companies as well as C-level experience in the dynamic and ever demanding I-gaming industry.

Therefore we know what works in a large scale business as well as seen and overcome the dips and troughs that small to medium size startups encounter on their road to industry dominance.

We believe in transparency in what we do and pride ourselves on the high standards we set in all aspects of our business, from introductory client calls to detailed monthly reports. And above all, we always ensure the strategies we advise our clients to implement have been field tested and proven to work, whether with our previous client base or on one of our very own web properties.

- Paul Redfern. Founder, FixNowMedia.com.

What Is Our Business Philosophy

While we offer individual packages to help you overcome common problems during any stage of your online business, we also work with clients to develop an overall online growth strategy that will be the roadmap to follow to double your online gross profits, in the quickest time possible.

This online business growth strategy and implementation service is our premium custom offering and uses all our combined years of industry, academic and practical experience to get you, the business owner, the growth levels you deserve. It’s our shortcut to your success.

Here is how it works.

There are 7 key drivers of online business growth, and by optimising each of these drivers by just 10%, we can almost double your gross profits.

Once we benchmark these essential 7 key driver KPI’s in your business, we use our knowledge and expertise to find the quickest ways to get the 10% growth required in those 7 key areas.

I am sure you can agree that finding 10% growth in 7 different areas is a lot less challenging than finding 100% growth in one area!

Once that goal is reached, we then revisit and refine our online growth strategy to again double your online gross profits and begin the growth cycle once more.

How Exactly Do You Start To Work With Us

Let’s be honest; not everyone is a perfect fit, therefore before we start a business relationship with you, we would love to have an initial chat to see if we can get you the success you deserve.

We focus on helping business owners increase their online profits.

Please contact us to request a free business consultation or call us directly on +356 99 622955.


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