Best Place To Live In Malta, Europe?

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Best Place To Live In Malta, Europe?

Fix Now Media’s headquarters is on the Mediterranean island of Malta. It is a tiny island in size but has approximately 500,000 inhabitants. The majority of these live on the main island of Malta, whereas 50,000 live on the island of Gozo which is accessed by a ferry from Cirkewwa (Malta) and arrives in Mgarr Harbour (Gozo). The crossing itself is very pleasant and takes about 20 minutes.

For people relocating to Malta, one of the most common questions is where in Malta is best to live. Here are our top 8. Please remember we are writing this for people who are relocating to work in Malta; therefore the locations chosen will favour more densely populated areas of Malta where it is easy to get to work. This is where I also choose to set up my SEO services Malta company.

Sliema, St. Julian’s & Paceville

Sliema, St Julians and Paceville are the most popular places for new workers to live in Malta. The reasons are pretty straightforward. It is the central business district for young startup companies and has the best nightlife for young people. It is also very popular with tourists with lots of fantastic restaurants and a long promenade between St Julians and the Sliema where you can enjoy a leisurely stroll at any time of the year. You can also go for a dip in at nearly all locations off the promenade. The place has a distinct feel of young people who work in the vibrant igaming industry. This is where I also choose to set up my SEO services Malta company.

Most new arrivals can’t tell when they have left Paceville and arrived in St Julians and likewise left St Julians and arrived in Sliema. However, Maltese take these borders very seriously, and there are great rivalries especially when it comes to water polo and soccer between these small “towns”. Rent is more expensive in this region as it is the most desired area to live on the island.

Gzira, Ta x’biex & Msida

These 3 Maltese towns are situated beside each other and are gaining popularity for expats, especially after the large igaming company Betsson, set up its main office in Ta x’biex where it employs over 800 staff members. Msida is the where the Maltese national university is situated, and you can also find the National Olympic sized swimming pool close by. There is a lot of construction work going on presently there, but it looks like a good investment proposition for those who want to buy some real estate in Malta. There are lots of shops and restaurants in these towns, and you are only a 30-40 minute walk from St Julians or 10 mins in the car.

St. Paul’s Bay, Qawra & Buggiba

Again these three towns run side by side where expats would not notice the borders. However, this is another densely populated area that is situation 20 mins drive from St Julians. It is also a tourist hub and is a bit less expensive than St Julians/Sliema area. It is well served by regular buses and has a vibrant nightlife during the summer. Winter is a lot quieter, but that can be said for most places in Malta.

Pembroke & Madliena

If you love peace (and you will positively yearn for this after a while in Malta), then Pembroke or Madliena is perfect for you. Very residential with beautiful views of the sea. It is hard to find an affordable place to live in these areas, but if you have the budget, you should investigate further. It is very close to St Julian’s on one side and St Pauls Bay on the other.

Valletta & Floriana

Valetta is the capital of Malta, and while it is not very residential, lately people are moving there. It can get hectic during the Summer months with all the visiting cruise liners and marauding tourists, but this UNESCO world heritage site is a beauty to behold and feels like you are still in the 15ht Century. While maybe not the best place to live in, it is one you should often frequent to enjoy the new trendy bars and restaurants.

The Three Cities: Birgu, Senglea & Kalkara

We would recommend that if you love Valetta, then you should consider living in one of the three cities. It has the same architecture but without the bombardment of daily tourists. Rents are still relatively low, and the restaurants by the docks are great for relaxing in the warm summer evenings.

Birkirkara, Lija & Balzan

If you are looking for a more substantial villa that is less expensive than the likes of Pembroke or Madliena, then look no further than Birkirkara. It is the largest town in Malta and is less than a 5-minute drive to Msida and further 10-minute drive to St Julian’s. Since the introduction of the Kappara flyover, there is no longer a massive traffic jam every morning on your commute to work. This now makes these places a very desirable location to live in.


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