Case Studies

Below you will find case studies from some of our clients where we identified and implemented a quick win, to ensure fast online business growth.

Maximising Profit From Existing Customer Base

Our client was an I-gaming operator and wanted to increase the annual revenue per user from their existing database. We first noticed that a particular territory was overlooked due to resource issues.

We implemented a simple bi-monthly CRM process which resulted in 100% increase in the annual revenue per user for that territory.

Increase In Annual Revenue Per User


We take a bottom-line approach to each project. Our clients consistently see increased traffic, enhanced brand loyalty and new leads thanks to our work.

- Paul Redfern. Founder, Fix Now Media.

Changing Monetisation Method To Increase Online Profits

Our client owned a website in the health niche. The site's main source of traffic was from SEO, and they monetised the website 100% from Google Adsense. The client hired us to perform an SEO audit and to create a 6 month SEO content marketing editorial schedule.

We then noticed that the website owner had created extensive blog posts on a certain topic and we advised to repackage the existing content into an info-product to sell on their website.

Next step was to implement a sales funnel that captured email addresses, nurtured those captured email addresses with quality content and finally directed the now extremely hot leads to the sales page for the info-product, resulting in consistent sales, month after month.

We also replaced the Adsense blocks with our own ads sending the traffic to the landing page (start of the sales funnel) to capture more email addresses.

The final result was a 500% increase in online revenue selling an info-product versus just Google adsense alone. Not only that but by implementing and growing an email list, our client can sell over and over again to those customers, therefore creating a tangible asset that's not reliant on the whims of Google.

If you rank number 1 in Google for a keyword in your niche, on average 30% of the people who searched that keyword will visit your site. If you are in position 7, then only 5% will click through to your site. Position 10 gets 2% click through rate. As you can see, the first position is 15 times more profitable than tenth position.

- Paul Redfern. Founder, Fix Now Media.

Local Business Struggling To Get Traffic To Their New Website

Our clients own a new event planning business in Southern Ireland. The hired us to help them get leads and new customers from their new website with their main issue being the lack of traffic coming from Google. After an SEO audit, we identified a multitude of problems with the website which in essence made their new site invisible to Google. We decided on a three-pronged approach to rectify the issues at hand.

1) Fix the current SEO issues to ensure their website posts and pages could rank properly in Google

2) Implement our online business reputation management service to ensure their brand name was seen in places where their target audience hang out online

3) Perform a guest post outreach campaign to get authoritative backlinks, to boost Google rankings, as well as drive highly relevant traffic back to their website.

After 90 days, online traffic has increased by 250% and growing month by month.