2020 Top SEO Trends

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What SEO Trends Will Matter Most In 2019 And How Can You Take Advantage Of Them With Google heavily investing in technology to cement its position as the leading search engine, SEO has been forced to adapt to the changes and follow in line with the advancements dictated by Google. To ensure that you are…

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2020 Email Marketing Trends

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Top Email Marketing Trends For 2020 From Fix Now Media Most marketers today understand that everything digital is in a state of flux, which means it is dynamic, constantly updating and changing. With more data gathered and the introduction of new technologies, there are several new strategies that are developed to better manage data in…

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Why Content Writing Matters For SEO

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Here’s Why Content Writing Is So Important For Your Malta SEO Efforts Most people have come to understand that quality content writing is the beginning and end of SEO. It is important that many SEO agencies pay attention to their content as part of their Search Engine Optimization strategy. Some SEOs mistakenly think that content…

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