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Fix Now media specialise in international eCommerce SEO for brands that have a converting offer and want to scale fast. In-house training or full outsourcing services available.

Why your eCommerce business needs SEO

Highest ROI Acquisition Channel

Return on SEO spend of up to 4000% can be achieved over the medium to long term when working with an expert eCommerce SEO agency.

Targets Transactional Keywords

SEO allows you to target potential customers when they are actively searching for a product to solve a specific problem.

Traffic & Revenue Diversification

Are you overly reliant on paid social advertising or Google Ads, SEO helps you diversify to remove single points of failure from your business.

Competitive Edge

SEO forces you to analyse every aspect of your competitors' online presence allowing you to find additional revenue and content gaps.

Why e-commerce business needs SEO

It’s a cost-effective marketing strategy

Unlike paid Google Ads or paid social advertising, you don’t have to pay a dime for adopting an SEO marketing strategy. This makes it the most cost-effective marketing method for your e-commerce business. It might take some time to get your SEO going, but when it is finally up and running, you’ll attract, and acquire customers for free, month after month.

The Google algorithm ranks your site in accordance with the content you create as well as how you optimise it for crawlability byGoogle indexing spiders. When you get this right, the algorithm recognizes your site as authoritative and automatically ranks it at the top of the search engine results page.

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Improves your online visibility

Fix Now Media specialise in optimising your website for search engine traffic. Content Creation is an essential part of getting traffic from search engines as well as building your authority online. It is a task most business owners do not have the time to complete so let us do the hard work while you concentrate on growing your business.

Optimizes your product lines

SEO helps to optimize your product lines. As your SEO partner, we can help you optimize your product lines by improving your product pages. We accomplish this by using highly targeted keywords, Meta descriptions, page titles, H1tags, URL and so on.

We use this approach because it’s a tested and proven way of attracting customers to your product pages.

It’s a valuable long term investment

Paying for Google Ads can help drive results for a short time. What’s more, is that these results may not be sustainable. On the other hand, SEO is a long-term investment. Once it gains momentum, you can reap great benefits for years to come.

Gives you a competitive edge

A good SEO strategy gives you a competitive edge over your counterparts. So long as you use relevant keywords and create quality content, you will be ahead of your competitors in the search engine. The Google algorithm also ranks your website based on the authority of the content you post.

Fix Now Media’s e-commerce SEO Services

At Fix Now Media, we offer international e-commerce services to businesses like yours.  Below are some of the most common services that our experienced team delivers;

Technical SEO audit

An SEO audit helps identify the factors undermining your website’s performance. Our experts can conduct an SEO audit of your site. And based on the feedback from the audit, they’ll advise on the next course of action and offer you practical solutions that can remarkably improve your site's ranking. Our technical SEO audit consists of 211 checkpoints that leave no stone unturned.

Competitor analysis

We perform a competitive digital analysis to see how you fare against the top ranking sites in the search engine results. We also do high-level keyword research to identify the best performing keywords in your industry. Additionally, we compare your site's structure and content visibility to that of your competitors and devise an effective plan to drive sales.

Keyword research and data mapping

We start with in-depth keyword research. This activity revolves identifying keywords that would make you extremely visible on search engines. These are the terms that your potential customers are likely to search for when looking for your products or services online.  Each page on your site should have a reason for existing and should target one specific problem or query.

Website optimisation

On website optimisation, our team focuses on eradicating duplicate content, thin content, duplicate titles, descriptions, and all other aspects that can negatively affect your site's performance. During web optimization, other advanced factors such as proper internal link structures, page speed, and images are streamlined. These are the problem areas that were flagged during the technical SEO audit.

Key commercial page optimisation

For your website to be highly discoverable on the search engines, we understand that every page needs to be optimized accordingly. This is why our team is keen on optimizing your key commercial pages such as category, product and brand pages first. These pages are outstandingly important because they rank for high commercial intent phrases which is when a customer is ready to buy. This leads to quick wins for your business.

eCommerce content creation

High-quality eCommerce content undoubtedly gives you a competitive edge against your competitors. Our writers are trained to create insightful and well-crafted content. At Fix Now Media, we are committed to providing original and authoritative content for your business. This may come in the form of blogs or articles. Such content will set you apart from the rest.

Conversion rate optimization

From a user and usability point of view, we audit your website with the intent of identifying the areas that require to be improved for your site to achieve maximum conversion rates. These may include additional trust signals, alterations to product offerings, copy enhancements, and so on.

Link building & outreach

Once your site is technically optimised, we begin a promotional outreach campaign to journalists, bloggers and industry leaders to gain visibility and exposure for your business by creating exceptional content pieces for your niche.

eCommerce SEO reporting

As we work on your site, we generate and provide all types of SEO reports along the way. The achieved results are also measured in all stages. This is done to foster the spirit of transparency between us, and you as our client. Also, we can set up Google Analytics to generate reports on key areas of your website.

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