Email Marketing Automation Consulting Service

Would you like an email based automated sales funnel, that drives sales and clients even when you are on holidays?

Lead Magnets

We create industry specific pdfs, whitepapers or reports which your ideal customer opts in to receive by submitting their email address

Auto Responders

Once we have your ideal customer's email address captured, we automate the sales sequence. Emails are used to build trust first before we ask for a sale


To increase the life time value of a client or customer, you must also set up automated sequences once they buy to upsell other goods or services

Are you in need of some email marketing automation consulting?

The simple fact is, you cannot scale your online business sales or profits without automation.

One of the biggest mistakes we see from business owners is not making the most out of their customer's email address. Email is more or less free to use, so what is stopping you from using it more often?

One of the quickest wins for most small to medium sized companies is to implement at the very minimum the following email automated sequences

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  • Lead Generation First Time Sales Sequence

    Offer up desirable content in exchange for a potential client or customer's email address, then set up an email autoresponder sales sequence.

  • After Sale/On-boarding Sequence

    Once a customer has bought your good or service, they are removed from your lead generation sales email series and put onto your on-boarding email sequence. The goal here is to ensure the customer gets value from your product or service, so that they are more likely to buy from you again as well as recommend to a friend.

  • Repeat Sales Sequence

    While this can be automated, we still recommend for small to medium size businesses to send one off broadcasts and not automated messages to your customers to help drive repeat sales. We use our proprietary VIP customer segmentation algorithm to tell you which customers you should be focusing on to grow your repeat sales figures.

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