Keyword Research Service

We believe our Keyword Research Service is our secret formula to your SEO success. Keyword research on paper sounds quite easy to do, but in practice it's exceedingly hard to master. Thankfully we have put in ten's of thousands of hours into keyword research so you do not have to.


We collect over 100,000 industry relevant keywords and phrases using various professional tools and innovative strategies


We cherry-pick high commercial intent keywords with low Google Page 1 competition levels using our secret in-house ranking algorithm


We outline every article starting with focus keyword, main title, intro, sub heading titles and minimum word count required for Google Page 1 rankings

Do you want page 1 rankings on Google?

If you are a business owner who has created your own website, you have probably noted down 5 to 10 keywords that you would like to rank for on page 1 of Google. If you rank for these key words or phrases, then you are guaranteed to get highly targeted traffic to your website.

It is the equivalent of owning a local brick and mortar store that is positioned in the middle of the main shopping street in your nearest city - you get the most footfall on a daily basis. Even if your store is not the best kept store or the cheapest, you will still get enough passing traffic to make money, just by having the best location.

When your website only appears on page 2 of Google search results, it is the equivalent of owning a brick and mortar store down a narrow dark alley - yes, you guessed it, you get ZERO traffic.

How To Get Page 1 Rankings

Keyword Research
Content Writing

Not all Google Page 1 Rankings Are The Same

Not all traffic is created equal. Therefore before you decide on what keywords to target, you must differentiate between the following keyword types that every person goes through before they buy something for the first time.

  • Research Keywords - mainly 1 to 2 words, also called a "head", e.g. Keyword Research
  • Consideration Keywords - mainly 2 to 3 words, also called "body", e.g. Keyword Research Benefits
  • Commercial Intent Keywords - mainly 3+ words, also called "long tail", e.g. Keyword Research Services Malta
  • Loyalty Keywords - mainly shorter and are brand based, e.g. FixNowMedia Keyword Research

Keyword Research Essentials

  • Head Keywords

    Have The Lowest Commercial Intent

  • Body Keywords

    Have low to medium commercial intent

  • Long Tail Keywords

    Have The Highest Commercial Intent

Why Target Long Tail Keywords?

95% of searches online are long tail keywords and this is where every business should focus their keyword research efforts.

Not only are these keywords less competitive, but they are highly relevant and closer to the purchasing stage of the customer life-cycle.

Final Part Of The Keyword Research Puzzle

Once you have found your long tail keyword to target, you must ensure that the piece of content you create is:

  • Good enough to outrank what is currently on page 1 of Google search results for that term.
  • Must be engaging enough so that it answers the question your potential customer/client was looking for.

It can be hard to balance an article so that it is optimised for both SEO and conversions, but we have professional copy writers who have honed this skill over the past 7 years.

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Fix Now Media specialise in optimising your website for search engine traffic. Keyword Research is an essential part of getting traffic from search engines. It is a skill most business owners do not have the time to master so let us do the hard work while you concentrate on growing your business.

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