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Fix Now media specialise in SEO services for service based businesses that want to scale fast or diversify their acquisition channels.

Why your service based business needs SEO

Highest ROI Acquisition Channel

Return on SEO spend of up to 1500%+ can be achieved over the medium to long term when working with an expert service-based business SEO agency.

Targets Transactional Keywords

SEO allows you to target potential customers when they are actively searching for a product to solve a specific problem.

Traffic & Revenue Diversification

Are you overly reliant on referrals and word of mouth marketing? SEO helps you diversify to remove single points of failure from your business.

Competitive Edge

SEO forces you to analyse every aspect of your competitors' online presence allowing you to find additional revenue and content gaps.

Local SEO Service

If you plan on turning your business into a household brand, then digital marketing is the best option for you. Digital marketing increases your brand's visibility within your local area.

National and Local SEO is one of the best digital marketing customer acquisition channels to help you achieve this. It makes it easier for your prospects to find your business through the search engines. Potential clients only need to key in the relevant search terms on the search engine, and your brand will pop up either on Google Map pack or in the organic listings.

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What is local SEO?

Local SEO is a form of digital marketing that aims at increasing your business's visibility within your locality. It allows your potential customers to find your business on search engines with the utmost ease.

A local SEO service provider optimises your SEO strategy, such that whenever your prospects search for you, they can find you instantly. A good SEO strategy ensures that your business is optimised to rank high on the search engines.

How is local SEO different from the usual SEO? There is the standard and local search on the search engines. For example, searching for a plumber is a standard search. But searching a plumber within your locality is considered to be a local search.

Why your business needs local SEO

Before you transform your business into a regional or international brand, you have to conquer your local area first. Unfortunately, most businesses are not living up to their potential within the local areas. Your business needs local SEO to maximize its potential, and to ensure that it captures the attention of most customers. Local SEO can transform your business into an authoritative brand within your locality.

There are a variety of methods to ensure that your business gets to be on top of the search engines. One of the ways is by deploying paid Ads, which can be expensive for your business. Besides that, paid Ads don’t contribute anything to your organic ranking.

Our local SEO service takes a different approach.

We improve your organic rankings and deliver sustainable results. With us, you don’t have to always rely on paid Google Ads.

Our local SEO services process

Our local SEO service process is geared towards optimizing your site to increase your business visibility within your local area.  We use a variety of tested and proven SEO techniques to get your business on top of the search engines. After we are done, anyone looking for your products or services in your area doesn't have to scroll down to the search engine to find you.

Assessing your site

We don’t deploy our local SEO techniques blindly. First, we carefully analyze your site. We do this to identify its strengths and weaknesses so that we know the areas that need improvement.

After gathering all the relevant information, we know exactly what your business needs to rank high on the search engine.

Creating a customised local SEO strategy for your business

We understand that your business is unique. That is why our next step revolves around creating a customised local SEO service for your business.

We capture the various objectives that your site has to meet so that it ranks high. This is done through understanding your audience as well as coming up with the most relevant keywords. As we gradually meet these objectives, your business begins to rank higher on the search engines.

On-going SEO practices

Local SEO is a continuous process. This can be attributed to the fact that search engine optimization keeps evolving. New websites are created every day.  And this only makes the competition even stiffer. To stay on top of the search engine, your local SEO needs constant improvement.

We seek to improve your website in many different ways, including:

Local SEO audit and keyword research

Before touching anything on your website, we first carry out an analysis of your online business presence. The process entails evaluating the performance of your local SEO. We then optimise your existing keywords to lure more local searches.

Website audit and local optimisation

A website audit is necessary. It helps deploy more targeted techniques in regards to your local SEO. We have to prepare it for the tweaking that follows later. The ultimate objective is to ensure that your website loads fast both on PC and mobile phone. Next, we optimize your keywords with locally discoverable keywords. Apart from that, we incorporate some distinct local-oriented codes.

Citation building

Your business needs to be featured on online directories and citation sites. This goes a long way in improving your local visibility on search engines. Citations are the online places where your business name, contacts, address, and website URL appear. Your business should show up where and when your prospects expect it. And our consultants are trained to make it happen for you.

Obtaining quality backlinks

To excel in local SEO, your business needs recognition. Relevant and quality back links can cement your position on the map. For your website to be viewed as trustworthy, your backlinks should emanate from authoritative sites. Moreover, they should be obtained naturally. To sum it up, they should be obtained from local bloggers, newspapers, business associations, and so on.

Fix Now Media will ensure that the backlinks you use are top quality and nothing else.

Creating Google My Business into your site

Your business should easily display relevant Google services. These include local search and Google maps results. But before that happens, you have to claim Google My Business listings. We will help you claim your Google My Business and integrate it into your site properly and grow your presence in your local Google map packs.

Creating customer review strategy

It is imperative to create a customer review strategy as it helps you understand your customers better and target them accurately. We can help you achieve that by monitoring your customers and capturing their expectations so that we create a relevant strategy that brings in the expected results.

Creating a content strategy for building reputation and authority

An impeccable content strategy should be put in place to grow your reputation and authority. Your site needs fresh content posted regularly. This should be content that the locals will relish and look forward to.

We can help you create top-notch content that is not only informative but also luring to the locals and ensure that your site tops on the first page of the common search engines in your area.

As you can see, a properly executed local SEO strategy can catapult your business to a new height. The more your business is visible on the search engines, the more it will attract potential customers.

If you want to improve your local SEO and take your business to the next level, we are ready to help you. Reach out to us at any time and we will be more than happy to tell you more about our local SEO service and provide outstanding services.

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