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Learning advanced SEO strategy takes years of making mistakes. We have made all these mistakes so you do not have to.

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    We deliver 7 figure revenue growth for our clients

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    We are 100% transparent, offering in-house team training, client confidentiality and industry exclusivity

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    Meeting monthly milestones are the key building blocks for our clients' success

3 Step Plan To Success

Schedule A Call

Schedule a 30-minute SEO strategy call. Find out what needs to be done, and what to prioritise first.

Implement SEO Strategy

Action identified SEO short, medium & long term wins for the fastest return on investment

Measure & Refine

Constant monitoring of results and industry changes to ensure continuous growth

Why Hire SEO Experts?

Our Top Rated SEO Services

Technical SEO Audit

Every great SEO plan starts with your website. If this is not in good technical order, your SEO campaigns will fail

On Page SEO

We use scientific methods & advanced SEO tools to analyse 500 factors to ensure your pages are optimised for success

Content Marketing

We perform a content gap analysis and in-depth keyword research to create high-value content that drive traffic and sales

Backlink Building

We spend as much time promoting your content as we do creating it, ensuring a regular supply of high-quality backlinks

Time For Action...

Sleep better at night knowing the business is growing without your direct day to day involvement

More security for your employees

Financial security for you and your family

Satisfied that more people will benefit from your offering

Freeing up more time to focus on what you like doing

Stop dreading feast or famine periods for your business that cause unnecessary stress

Make your business recession-proof

Never have to worry about laying off staff due to lack of new clients or customers

Our Specialities

eCommerce SEO

Our clients include major eCommerce brands in the Fashion Tech and iGaming industries that generate millions in annual revenue through SEO

Service Business SEO

Our service-based business clients cover high-value industries from medical to hospitality sectors, allowing more predictable leads and clients.

SEO Feasibility Planning

High-end SEO feasibility project planning and estimates for multi-million euro investment groups and VC funds. We take the guesswork out of long-term SEO projects

In-house SEO Training

We work with founders and CMO's to build in-house SEO departments, training motivated junior team members into skilled and highly efficient SEO practitioners and managers

Fix Now Media Clients' Success Stories

eCommerce SEO Client Increased Organic Traffic by 76% In 6 Months Resulting in 148.46% Revenue Increase!

ecommerce client

iGaming Client Increased Organic Search Traffic By 157% In 12 Months

increase in traffic
increase in page views due to SEO service

Medical Services Client Increased SEO Traffic By 246% In 12 Months

dental seo local client 2020
medialc services seo results

Schedule 30 Minute Introduction Call

  • Quick Introduction

    Time to get to know you and your business

  • Key Objectives

    What do you want to achieve with your organic search channel?

  • SEO Strategy

    Find the short, medium and long-term SEO wins for your business