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As Fix Now Media Head Quarters is based in Malta, we, of course, specialise in Malta SEO Services, both for local and international clients. 

If you are looking for top 10 results on Google's search engine results pages (SERP), we can help you with our team of Search Engine Optimisation experts.

Finding trustworthy SEO companies can be hard so Fix Now Media will create a customised SEO roadmap to follow to ensure every part of the optimisation process is tracked and measured. Our firm believes in 100% transparency.

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Malta is experiencing incredible economic growth in different sectors, and it is undoubtedly becoming one of the business hotspots in Europe.

Surrounded by the Mediterranean sea, Malta is not only famous for its sunny weather, but also as the centre of online Companies that use the most modern technologies to grow their business.

Digital Marketing in Malta is evolving fast, and Companies know that it is the primary key to their success.

Over the last few months, we have witnessed an incredible increase in demand of SEO services from companies based in Malta, from Gaming to Real Estate businesses, Financial services and also entrepreneurs looking for a smart way to increase their visibility online.

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Malta SEO Services - What does SEO mean and how does it work?

SEO is the acronym of Search Engine Optimisation, and it is the “art” of increasing the visibility of a website (or a webpage) on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Optimising a website to rank better on search engine involves a vast range of implementations, both on-page and off-page.

Google rankings are decided by an algorithm based on over 200 factors. Google continually releases updates, improves its algorithm, and it never discloses how each element affects a webpage performance with regards to rankings.

The key to understanding how SEO works is to think that Google and the other search engines need to realise what your website is about, how in depth is the information provided and if it answers the user's queries correctly.

SEO Quick Overview For Malta SEO Clients

Technical SEO

Website and page speed, mobile responsiveness, image sizes, reliable web hosts are a technical factor that must be taken into consideration because they can affect the user experience. Therefore Google includes them in its algorithm (with many, many more).

Tips For Some Technical SEO Quick Wins

Slow time to first byte (TTFB) is one of the main reasons for a painstakingly slow website. You can improve the TTFB by simply moving to a better hosting company or upgrading to a better hosting package with your existing website.

Does any of the above terms make you sweat? No worries, contact our team of SEO specialists today and we can pinpoint exactly what technical SEO optimisations are required for some quick wins and rapid search engine ranking improvements.

On Page SEO

Your website, or web page structure, is vital to make search engines understand the topic. This involves meta titles, meta description, subheadings, formatting, images alt text, internal linking and more.

Tips For Some On Page SEO Quick Wins

If you are unsure of your current on-page SEO strategy, our quick tip is to compare your current web page to the top 10 results in Google for the search term you are trying to also rank for. Is there a common pattern that you have not included on your own page? Make a list and improve your current page to be better than all the current top 10 results.

At Fix Now Media, we analyse over 300 on page SEO factors from the Top 100 results in Google when developing a custom On page SEO roadmap for every page of your businesses website. Contact us today for more information on our advanced On Page SEO Service in Malta.


Content is king, without it, it does not matter if your page structure is spot on. Content has to be fresh,  informational and provide users with the answers they are looking for. This might sound complicated. However, an excellent in-depth keywords research and competitors' analysis will highlight which are the topics and angles that have more chances of a higher rank.

Tips For Some SEO Content Quick Wins

Develop a consistent content creation schedule and stick to it. Businesses that blog consistently generate 126% more leads compared to those that don't.

Fix Now Media uses only the best SEO keyword research tools along with years of content creation experience to develop our clients content schedule that ensures new leads and sales each and every month. Contact our team of SEO experts today to book your free consultation.

Off Page SEO & Backlinks

There is a limit to what you can implement on-page. Even when the on-page structure is perfect, and you are adding fresh content weekly (or daily), there is still a lot of work to do to rank higher.

There has been, and there is a lot of controversy around backlink building strategies. In the past, people used a lot of “black hat” methods, which lasted until Google updated its algorithm to Penguin (such a cute name for the scariest of the updates for the so-called “SEO experts” in the past).

Backlinks have to be natural. This means that another website (better if with a high domain authority) refers and links back to your site. No tricks, no cheats because your content is so good that it is worthy to be mentioned.

Google sees it and the more authentic backlinks you get, the higher you rank, just because it is worthy, without having to worry about the next scary Penguin update.

Tips For Some Off Page SEO Quick Wins

Reach out to all your favourite service providers or vendors and offer to provide a testimonial. The majority of service providers/vendors will, in turn, link back to your website from the testimonial resulting in an industry relevant high-quality "white hat" backlink.

If you liked this simple SEO tip, and are looking for SEO services in Malta, contact our Search Engine Optimization company today to book a free consultation.

SEO For Different Industries In Malta: Why Facebook Is Not The Answer

Search engines optimisation vary according to the type of industry you are targeting, especially in Malta. Such a tiny island but with so much potential and enthusiastic entrepreneurs and companies.

We have worked with different types of businesses in Malta, targeting traffic on the island but most of the times abroad.

SEO content in Malta and why facebook not the answer
SEO Malta For Small & Medium Sized Businesses

By small business, we refer to those that target mainly users on the island. It sounds an easy win, but actually, it is not. Google in Malta does not have the same volumes as vaster areas, and businesses are using mainly social media like Facebook to advertise their services.

This leads to inaccurate search results mixed with a lot of Facebook pages. While Social Media is a fantastic tool (and we all agree on that), we firmly believe that their use is enhanced if in conjunction with an ad-hoc SEO strategy.

When working with these types of businesses in Malta, we always put an extra effort on Social Media. However, we have implemented blogs and web pages that can answer users' queries related to services in Malta, in addition to social media accounts.

While businesses with a website have full power over it, we cannot say the same of a company which relies only on a social media page due to changes that might occur, like it recently happened with Facebook.

That is why this trend seems to be changing lately, with the fresh released update which put Facebook pages further down in the feeds to give friends and families news more prominent position. Business pages are no longer as visible as they used to unless they start doing paid advertisement.

Having an SEO website, and receiving organic traffic not only put business owners entirely in charge of their online business but also saves a lot of marketing expense.

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SEO For Small/Medium Business Based In Malta Targeting Traffic Abroad

These are businesses that offer mainly online services, so, despite being based on the island, they are targeting audience from other countries.

For these type of customers, we create projects that are 100% customised, depending on the kind of service, size of the business and, of course, the target countries. For the cases above, keywords research, content and competitors' analysis have to be segmented into different regions  (and languages sometimes), making these types of projects highly complex and positively challenging. Same content, in fact, does not have equal search volumes in all countries and what is appealing in the UK (for example) does not work in the US and vice versa.

Same applies to products, in case of e-commerce of affiliate product website. No project is impossible, however, knowing your audience is the key and research is vital.

SEO Malta for ecommerce stores
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SEO Malta For iGaming Companies
Best Reviewed Digital Agency In Malta St Julians

We would like to dedicate a separate paragraph to SEO for Gaming companies in Malta and their competitiveness.

As everyone knows, in Malta, there are hundreds of Gaming Companies, focused on Casinos and Sportsbook.

Coming from this type of background, we are aware of how competitive and challenging is to increase organic traffic for these businesses.

Gaming companies based in Malta look for traffic from countries all over the world, using several acquisition channels, investing a lot of time and money to compete for the same audience offering (more or less) the same products.

What can make a Casino or Sportsbook website more visible, more engaging?

Here is where search engine optimisation makes the difference. While most operator websites have “thin content” pages due to the nature of the sites, search engine optimised blog sections and blog websites can make the difference.

It sounds easy, but because of the competitiveness of the business itself, a careful selection of keywords and content plan are vital.

A generic sports event preview or a slot game review most probably will not be enough to increase organic traffic.  The content plan has to be strategic and extremely accurate, and articles have to be created with a clear purpose. In such competitive industry, content cannot be published and abandoned either.

Regular audits to boost old content might prevent an excellent article to be outranked by competitors’ putting the extra effort.

Gaming companies are growing fast, and sometimes there is no time nor resources to take care of a subsection of the website, or to complete a full competitors' analysis, to produce different content for different regions and to work the extra mile to outsmart the competition.

SEO in Malta for Gaming companies sometimes gets implemented when it is too late when the technical work required is too much to be handled. Furthermore, the fear of lack of quick results does not match the fast pace of the industry growth (black hat strategies are not the answer either, once again the Penguin will show up).

SEO does not give you a quick boost. Not at all. SEO for gaming is a long-term project that (if done correctly) builds authority with time and reduce (in the long run) marketing costs for paid advertising while increasing brand awareness and customer engagement.

Ranking one or two positions higher in such industry can make a huge difference, and in-depth analysis and ad hoc plan is the answer.

Search Engine Optimisation

If you are trying to do your own search engine optimisation but are getting overwhelmed, we understand your predicament as we have all been there.

We know that owning a business takes a lot of different skill sets and trying to master all is a fools' errand as you only have some many hours in the day.

Business owners have to focus on matters that move the needle. You have fortunately made the right decision to explore one of the most profitable marketing channels, SEO but you just do not have the time to take a course and fail for a few years until you finally get the results you were looking for.

That is why it is imperative that you hire an SEO firm or agency to set up your Search Engine Optimisation channel so that you can get organic traffic from the main search engines such as Google (and Bing to a lesser extent).

SEO should be part of an overall marketing plan that best suits your target audience. Having an SEO roadmap to follow is one of the best investments you can make as a business owner.

Contact Fix Now Media today to get a free consultation with an exact SEO Roadmap to follow. We will break it down into simple to follow actionable phases. You can then do the work yourself, assign it to a team member or hire our team of SEO experts to fully optimise your site from start to finish, resulting in lots of top 10 search engine results placements, bringing you more clients, sales and profits.

Reach out to our team of Search specialists today to book your free consultation.

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Hannah Marie Ryan

Founder of

My website had been live for a year but it just was not bringing me any traffic or more importantly leads or booking enquiries. I had ZERO page 1 rankings in Google and just did not know where to start. FixNowMedia performed a full SEO Audit and the results were not promising, however, they assured me that it was fixable and not only that but they re-positioned my online branding to attract high net worth clients. Within weeks, I saw the work bearing fruit. I was getting page 1 rankings for my service pages, meaning I was finally getting traffic from Google but most importantly, I was getting 10x contact requests and booking enquiries. This has literally transformed my business!

Daniel Adams

Owner of

Paul at Fix Now Media was a great strategic partner, providing valuable insights to help promote our content. He openly shared his knowledge and experience to formulate and then execute upon various marketing strategies - namely infographic promotion and guest post link building.

The successful campaign generated a conversion rate above the industry norm (and our expectations). Throughout the campaign, Paul's conduct was always professional, friendly and upfront. We had the utmost trust in Paul to speak and negotiate with outside parties on our behalf. Overall, Fix Now Media was a key driver in the growth of our better sleep specialist website,

Andrew Towler

Founder of

Paul at Fix Now Media is a definite SEO and online marketing expert and can bring about serious improvements in traffic and conversions. Recommended without hesitation.

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