Why Content Writing Matters For SEO

Here’s Why Content Writing Is So Important For Your Malta SEO Efforts

Most people have come to understand that quality content writing is the beginning and end of SEO. It is important that many SEO agencies pay attention to their content as part of their Search Engine Optimization strategy.

Some SEOs mistakenly think that content writing doesn’t play as big a role as it once did when it comes to a functional SEO strategy. The fact of the matter is just the opposite: quality content plays just as big a role, if not bigger, than before.


SEO content writing simply means writing and crafting content in such a manner that it is poised to rank higher for related keyword searches. In SEO content writing, writers make use of keywords in the title of the web page or the content of the blog post and then strategically use them at various places in the body of the text.

Before using content writing to improve search engine rankings, you’ll want to learn some of the basics.

  1. What is SEO content writing?
  2. What type of content can be published on the blog or website?
  3. What is your long term content strategy?

To ensure that you properly understand what is to be discussed, we will be treating the various aspects of writing content specifically tailored for higher rankings.

To ensure that your content is properly tailored for SEO, there is the need to follow certain steps which include:

  1. Make sure that the main keyword phrase appears in the title of the web page of blog post
  2. The main keyword phrase should be used in various parts of the content and scattered all over your web page or blog post.
  3. Be sure to make use of alternative phrases, which is also known as LSI keywords. The LSI keywords stands for Latent Semantic Indexing keyword and are such keywords that can be related to the main keywords. LSI keywords can be used in place of main keywords, especially when you feel you have overused the main keywords.
  4. Use keywords, including LSI keywords, within the <h1>, <h2>, and <h3> tags to lay more emphasis on them.
  5. Use keywords, including LSI keywords, as anchor texts when linking to other web pages and blog posts on your website.

Wondering why you should go through the stress and to what end? Below are some reasons;

SEO needs strategic usage of keywords and search terms

Although there are several advances with respect to SEO and ranking of web pages and blog posts, keywords still remain a vital factor. The importance of keywords can be judged by the fact that your ranking depends on whether you have used one of your keywords or any of its alternative in the title of the webpage or blog post.

Social validating can only be obtained with quality content

Social validation is an important factor that affects website ranking. With most websites boasting of quality content witnessing more traffic and shares, it has become more important to focus energy on quality content.

Quality backlinks can only be acquired due to quality content

With backlinks serving as a form of social validation, it is important to note that the quality of content on your website is what will overall influence the decision of others to link back to you. Choosing to provide top quality content will increase backlinks, rate you as an authority and overall boost traffic.

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