How Can SEO Improve Sales?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a fundamental component of an effective digital marketing strategy. It involves on-site and off-site processes to encourage higher search rankings. As a business owner, though, you might be wondering how SEO can improve sales.

How Can SEO Improve Sales

Why SEO Marketing Important for Increasing Sales

SEO marketing can drive more sales to your business by increasing its exposure in the search results. When your business’s website ranks high for its target keywords, more users will see it, and more users will click it. According to HubSpot, websites ranking in the first organic, non-paid listing on Google receive 34.36 percent of the keyword’s traffic share on desktop devices and 31.35 percent traffic share on mobile devices.

My Business is Local – Is SEO Marketing Still Important?

Just because your business operates locally doesn’t mean you should ignore SEO. On the contrary, optimising your local business’s website for higher search rankings can bring more customers to your establishment. A survey conducted by BrightLocal found that 53 percent of consumers perform at least once search every month for a local business. Therefore, SEO marketing is still important for your business even if it operates locally.

Does Your SEO Increase Sales?

The fundamental purpose of SEO is to achieve higher search rankings. As a result, some business owners neglect to optimise their website for sales conversions. SEO will only yield sales for your business if your website is properly optimised for conversions. This means including a visible call to action (CTA), minimising clutter, explaining the benefits of your product and nurturing users through the sales process.

Using SEO Services to Increase Traffic and Sales

You don’t have to spend a fortune on banner and pay-per-click (PPC) ads to increase your website’s traffic and sales. With SEO, you can create a steady flow of highly targeted traffic to your site. Best of all, this traffic is free.

To increase traffic and sales with SEO, you must consider the keywords for which you want to rank. These keywords should be highly relevant to your site’s content. Otherwise, you’ll probably struggle to rank for them. Once you’ve identified your target keywords, you can perform on-site and off-site optimisation.

Make SEO Integral to Your Digital Strategy

You won’t experience any notable level of success with SEO unless it’s an integral part of your business’s digital marketing strategy. Building a handful of low-quality backlinks while neglecting the countless other aspects of SEO, for instance, will result in stagnant search rankings for your business’s website. To succeed, you must invest your time and resources into planning, implementing and optimising a custom SEO strategy based specifically on your business’s needs.

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What Is Lead Generation in SEO?

Lead generation, when used in the context of SEO, refers to the process of attracting prospect interest and inquiries through organic search traffic. Your primary goal of SEO might be to generate sales. However, a secondary goal can be lead generation. When a prospect finds your business’s website, he or she may email you inquiring about your available products. You can then market your products to the prospect, encouraging him or her to purchase them.

Key Components of On-Page Optimization

On-site optimisation, as the name suggests, involves the use of optimisation processes performed directly on your business’s website. According to Moz, some of the most influential on-page SEO processes include publishing high-quality content, adding title tags and meta descriptions, giving images an alt text attribute, reducing load times and ensuring the same content isn’t published on multiple pages.

Key Components of Keyword Research

Before you even think of optimising your business’s website, you should research prospective target keywords. These are the keywords for which you want to rank. Effective target keywords should be relevant with low to moderate competition. If there’s too much competition, you probably won’t rank for them. Try Google’s Keyword Planner tool when brainstorming prospective target keywords.

The Importance of Content

Content is arguably the most important element in SEO. In 2011, Google rolled out a major algorithm that specifically lowered the rankings of websites with low-quality content. Known as the Panda update, it affected approximately 12 percent of all searches made on the platform. Google has since increased the importance of high-quality content in its algorithm.

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Campaign Optimization and Rankings: How to Track Progress

There are tools available to track your site’s search rankings. Moz’s Rank Tracker, for instance, will keep tabs on the keywords for which your site ranks and the respective positions for those keywords.

How Do I Find the Best SEO Services?

You don’t have to optimise your business’s website alone. There are companies that specialise in SEO services, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. Hiring an SEO company is a smart investment that can increase your business’s online visibility while also driving more leads and sales.

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How to Get Started

There are a few things you should do when preparing to hire an SEO company. While it’s probably easier to hire the first SEO company you find online, you’ll have better results by taking your time and performing these steps.

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First, you should identify your business’s needs. In other words, what do you hope to accomplish by hiring an SEO company? Maybe you want to rank high for a specific keyword, or perhaps you want to drive sales. Regardless, you should identify your business’s needs so that you can convey this information to the SEO company.


You should also set a budget for your business’s SEO services. Organic traffic produced through SEO is free, but the services provided by SEO companies are not. Determine exactly how much you are willing to spend on SEO services before contacting SEO companies.


It’s a good idea to ask around for recommendations before hiring an SEO company. If another business owner has experienced success when working with a particular company, perhaps he or she will recommend them to you. Personal recommendations such as these offer invaluable insight into the company’s abilities.

Reach Out to SEO Companies

You’re now ready to begin contacting prospective SEO companies. When contacting companies by email, consider reusing the same template to save time. Of course, most SEO companies have a phone number you can call as well. Either way, you should explain your business’s needs and budget when inquiring about their services.

Example of questions you should ask

Finally, you should ask prospective SEO agencies questions like the following:

• How long have you been in business?
• What type of link-building methods do you use?
• How many clients have you worked with?
• What other services do you offer?
• Do you have a minimum required budget? If so, how much is it?

Now that you know how SEO can improve sales, get started by contacting a professional SEO company, such as Fix Now Media today.

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